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Wafer Chuck Rebuilds

SERVICE CONSORTIUM offers an economical exchange program for wafer chucks. We keep a large number of rebuilt chucks in-house, ready for shipment. With a serviceable chuck in exchange we can offer this at an very low price.

Each chuck we receive is completely disassembled and carefully rebuilt with new internal parts. All the vacuum surfaces are re-lapped and, if necessary, re-anodized. We then test each chuck for correct spring tension, flatness and vacuum hold and then carefully pack it for safe shipment.

XY Plates & Focus Rings

We have the same exchange procedure for XY plate/focus ring assemblies. Ready-to-install assemblies are in stock and available for immediate shipping.

Each assembly undergoes rigorous rework and inspection to insure air bearing smoothness and good brake vacuum. All three pads are carefully inspected to insure that they are coplaner to the vacuum surface. Each assembly is a matched pair and is tested after rework and again immediately before being carefully packaged and shipped.

Printed Circuit Board Repair

Service Consortium is able to offer circuit board repair for P-E Aligners. We test and repair these boards on our equipment at our facility, with a substantial amout of reliability testing (burn-in) where appropriate. Repairs are made with state-of-the-art, high reliability soldering techniques and with careful attention to aesthetic quality. We can even repair damage to circuit board traces and pads. Once repaired, each board is handled with anti-static protection and packaged in anti-static poly bags for shipment.

Service Consortium provides repair service on Voltage Regulators, DC Power Supplies and Intensity Monitors (standard and high-throughput.) All UV-detectors and cables are checked and, if necessary, replaced to achieve proper operation and aesthetic quality.